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We are a bunch of has-beens... is a team of former All-Stars and a few crappy players, from every major sport. We got tired of politics being mixed in our sports news/talk...

So, we did something about it...

We decided that we will NOT do our sports news and talk like FS1, ESPN, CBS Sports or NBC Sports, we are NOT affiliated with them in any way. What other news/talk shows do maybe great for some fans but our fans demanded something different from us...

A sports news/talk platform that should feel less official...

Unofficially Sports mission is for our team to provide informative sports news/talk without politics and stress. It's's meant to be fun, light-hearted and not so official. 

We are a national independent sports media news and talk program. We are in no way affiliated, connected, or representing the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, MLS, ESPN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, AP or any other company.

Our team here at UnofficiallySports loves sports, sports fans, good debates and humor mixed in with it all so, get ready for sports reports like never seen before...Unofficially Sports


Greatest Plays in Basketball;

In college basketball, for the month of March, the greatest Steal goes to...The State of Connecticut for the way they stole UConn's Kevin Ollie's guaranteed money from his coaching contract!

Congrats, State of CT. That was some quick handwork that produced a Top Steal in the game of basketball.


Most of the Golden State Warriors are hurt...or...are they really just resting up for the playoff? 

Can the Cavs make the finals this year?  " I like LeBron and Love but all the other Cavs players can kiss my butt." an old man told us.

NCAA Men's and Women's

The UnofficiallySports team has a new level of respect for a few NCAA Men's basketball team;

UMBC ( until they beat #1 Virginia we were calling them Baltimore Community College, we now know their name.)

Kansas State. That's McGuirl. UnofficiallySports has a new favorite player...Today, we voted in Sneed, as one of our teams Top Ten Tournament Players. You rocked the court last night, Sneed!

Loyola. This school has told the NCAA and the world  "To save the last dance for us."


Let the games begin!

The UnofficiallySports team has voted the New York Yankees as our preseason favorite to end up as World Series champions!

The Yankees bats should make any sports fan a baseball fan.

ChartTheProcess...We will have the Homerun count going, let's see who lights up our metric. 


What? What?? What???

Anyone talking Johnny Manziel returning to the NFL?...well, you can relax, it's going to be awhile. UnofficiallySports is being told that if Manziel is picked up by a team, he will have a lengthy suspension waiting their for him due to past NFL rules violation. "If he could get on a team soon,  serve his suspension, then come back and play with success ...That's a player to be proud of."  some fat guy said.


Latest Sports Question

If your team won the Stanley Cup, What do you do with it for the few days that you get to take it home?

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