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Unofficially Sports' "Unofficially The Best" List

Best coach in sports...

The greatest coach of all time:

GENO AURIEMMA (UConn women's basketbal)

Here are some of the numbers that makes him the greatest:

Career  1,034-136 wins/loses

Last ten years  370-14

Last five years  188-3, he's getting better! How can someone who is already the top be getting better?!

Highest winning precentage of any basketball coach, men's and women's, with at least ten years coaching of all time.

11 National Championships. Yes, eleven!

117 Tournament wins. Again, Yes, one hundred and seventeen!

6 (six) Undefeated seasons.

The two longest winning streaks in all college basketball 111 consecutive wins and 90 consecutive wins, also a 70 consecutive win streak that's not even a highlight of his career.

3 (three) Olympic Gold metals, 2000, 2012 and 2016.

Giving Geno Auriemma the John Wooden again, would be an insult because Geno has far surpassed all coaches including the great John Wooden.

The Highest honor given to a coach should be called The Geno Auriemma Award.

As we put this article together it's the start of the 2018-2019 season and UConn is 7-0 and has just defeated the AP Poll's number one in the nation, Notre Dame making UConn and Geno number one again as they have been for many years.

UConn and Geno are the closest we have to perfect in all of American sports.

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Unofficially The Best NFL Quarterbacks (Actively playing)

#8. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)-Any rookie that can break a Payton Manning record belongs on this list.

#7. Eli Manning (Giants) - You need to respect the history and the fact that he is still playing.

#6. Russell Wilson (Seahawks)- Not only is Russell a great QB in the past but he can be even better in the future.

#5. Carson Wentz (Eagles) - Carson is the real reason the Eagles had the opportunity to even get to the Playoffs.

#4. DeShaun Watson (Texans) - DeShaun was an exceptional QB at Clemson and was even better in his first season in the NFL, He stood toe-to-toe with Tom Brady (at Tom's best) and was one play short of a win. DeShaun is the future of the NFL.

#3. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) - Ben is one of very few QBs that can throw for 500 - 600 yards a couple games a season, add that to his Super bowls and you have a top three QB.

#2. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) - Aaron is at number two because of his rough and tough play. Arron can take hit after hit and be seriously injured but he refuses to leave or quit. When the game seem lost Arron just doesn't let the clock run out because he's afraid he might get hurt, no, Arron plays to win and has thrown a few come from behind, game winning passes. 

#1. Tom Brady (Patriots) -  Tom is the most dangerous QB in the history of NFL football. Tom has a love of the game and plays with his heart. 

An opponent can never feel confident in a victory against Tom unless the clock reads all zeros, all fans have left the stadium, and all players from both teams are home watching the recap of the game on their TVs while laying in bed before falling asleep for the night...Tom is that good!

Unofficially The Best 7 NBA Basketball Players

#7. Steph Curry / Kevin Durant (Tied) (Both Actively Playing)

#6. Kobe Bryant

#5. Larry Bird

#4. LeBron James (Actively Playing)

#3. Bill Russell

#2. Wilt Chamberlain 

#1. Michael Jordan

Unofficially The Best Retired Sports Numbers

 Honorary #.  Forty (PT) NFL

7. Three (DE) NASCAR

6. thirteen (WC) NBA

5. Ninety-nine (WG) NHL

4. Forty-two (MR) MLB

3. Forty-two (JR) MLB

2. Twenty-three (MJ) NBA

1. Seven (MM) MLB

Can you guess who these players are by only their number and initials?

Unofficially The Best 7 Sports

#7. PGA Golf

#6. NHL Hockey

#5. NCAA College Football

#4. MLB Baseball

#3. NBA Basketball

#2. NCAA Basketball

#1. NFL Football

Unofficially The Best "Blue Blood Schools", NCAA Men's Basketball

#7. Villanova (Three national titles, two of them in the last 20 years)

#6. Indiana (Respecting History, five national titles, zero in the last 20 years)

#5. UCLA  (You have to respect their history, 11 national titles, zero of them in the last 20 years)

#4. Kentucky (Eight national titles, two of them in the last 20 years)

#3. UConn (Four national titles, with all four national titles in the last 20 years, UConn is the most relevant team in the last 20 years)

#2. Duke (Five national titles, three national titles in the last 20 years and all five within the last 30 years)

#1. North Carolina (Six national titles, three national titles in the last 20 years)

Unofficially The Best Team for each Sport in the last 20 years

#7. NCAA Football - Alabama (With the new national title games it's hard to quantify but you know it when you see it)

#6. NHL Hockey - Tied Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings (Combined, they account for nine of the last twenty Stanley Cups)

#5. NCAA Men's Basketball - Tied Duke and UConn 

Duke (Five national titles since 1991 and three of them in the last 20 years)

 UConn (Four national titles in the last 20 years)

#4. MLB Baseball - New York Yankees (Six World Series appearances, four World Series Wins in last 20 years)

#3. NBA Basketball - Tied Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs (Combined for eight of the last twenty NBA championships)

#2. NFL Football - New England Patriots (Eight Super Bowl appearances, five Super Bowl wins in the last 20 years)

#1. NCAA Women's Basketball - UConn (Ten national championships in the last 20 years and hundreds of records set in the last 20 years including 111 game win streak beating the 90 game win streak UConn also holds) 

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